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Montreux 18:20

Taking the risk to repeat myself, I am always amazed about the roots and triggers of inspiration in general and in music for me. Sometimes, it’s obvious, sometimes, it’s a mix of a thousands things. In any case, it’s not always easy to identify, but usually funny to recognize! For this song, here are some hints...

Of course, as you can guess from its name, first is the city of Montreux itself… beautifully nestled between steep Alps hills and peaceful lakeside of Lac Leman: local, exotic, relaxing and creative all together.

Then, still talking about this town, less about its landscape and more about its world famous July's Montreux Jazz Festival, it leads to the second inspiration: Deep Purple' Smoke on the Water. Yes, sure, you know the story. If not, you should!

Also, the style of this track has been greatly shaped upon the influence of fabulous Acute Inflections: yes, I like that "velvety mix of Erykah Badu & Billie Holiday paired with the cool grooves of her 007 on bass" of those 2 New Yorkers!

And finally, regarding 18:20? I'm sure you will figure it out by yourself...

But, still, the path from the initial idea to the song you can hear now was long. The few basic tones crystallized from a small game I do play to warm up my fingers on the guitar, moving it from warming-guitar-tone-exercise to piano/contrabass based track was pretty fun, but it wasn’t enough. Something was missing and there I got help from Blaž Pavšič, who produced the final version of the track, supplementing it with awesome percussion.

Hope you will find the outcome of this collaboration as nice as I do. You better do, as I can promise it's won’t be the only one ;-)

Mixed and mastered by A7 Recording Studio (

Produced by Blaž Pavšič.

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