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Once upon the time

Let’s face it: having a baby is a challenge for a couple! Having to share your home, bedroom and partner with a little human, even highly desired, is not exactly feeling like heaven every day! Your priorities and availability shift, you have to learn to parent, you have so much more to do and so much less time. Your attention is primarily for your little one, and not for the big one anymore…

Yes, it’s amazing to become parent, yes, it’s endless pleasure, yes, it bring you so much fun, but, honestly, which parent never regretted the good old time, living for you and only you and eventually your partner and nobody else?! The last minute decided dinners outside, nights outside, days into the wild, just as you felt on the moment, unplanned and simple?

So, even you became one of this Daddy, one of this Mummy, of this pair of parents, it feels so good, when you manage to make a date, plan it, organize it and stick to it! To dress nicely, make it romantic, show your affection, make her laugh, make him proud and to enjoy it, enjoy being yourself and an in love couple and dedicated parents, all together! And the best is to do it all… with her!

The title photo was taken by MaKo. It's a nice piece of street art taken at north district of Vevey, area known as Plan-Dessus.

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