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8'149.5 km


We are all in movement, travelling, more or less often, across short or long distance, back to our roots or to unknown places. We do it in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We do so all year round. We travel by day and night. We do it with pleasure, excitement, boredom or fear. This is a daily activity for some, when for others it’s only for holidays.


Some travel across the world, jump in more planes that they can keep track of, suffer jet-lag every week and keep their passport in their pocket at all time.


Some travel in their dreams, close the eyes and escape to exotic places, imagine the most beautiful places and get away in their secret thoughts.


Some travel through maps, pictures, books, movies, poems, songs, exhibitions, discussions and stories.


I have myself a long list of places I have been to, some I would like to return to, some I don’t know yet and think I would like to discover, some I don’t know I would love, some I don’t even think about, some I think I would not be interested about and some I will ignore forever.


This song is dedicated to the far Asia I don’t know, a town I never thought about visiting until tonight, a small street corner I just pointed by chance when looking on my phone, a geocache which is exactly eight thousands one hundred and forty-nine point five kilometers away from my bed.


So close, so far, so similar, so different, so dark, so clear, so beautiful, so ugly, so calm, so noisy, so calm, so ugly, so beautiful, so clear, so dark, so different, so similar, so far, so close.


A probably quite comparable place to the one my friend MaKo was standing to when she took the photography illustrating this song.

Cover photo by MaKo:

8149 km - cover art


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