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Ladislav Tesar, also known as Ladat, is an original Czech artist hailing from Litoměřice in the Czech Republic, who writes and creates music in the picturesque Swiss town of Chatel-St-Denis. Ladat isn't merely a conventional band, but rather a dynamic musical project that surfaced in 2019 as an escape from reality, guided by the belief that with music, everything simply feels better.

Ladat's musical journey defies typical labels, seamlessly blending elements of rock, folk, country, and jazz into a rich and dynamically evolving style that invites listeners to explore a diverse spectrum of influences, shaping emotive and eclectic compositions. As an experienced composer and lyricist, Ladat weaves tales that deeply resonate with audiences, offering a captivating and immersive musical experience where each song is an expression of boundless passion, creative ingenuity, and an unapologetic celebration of musical diversity.

Since 2021, Ladat has been collaborating freely with Slovenia's A7 Recording Studio and musicians around guitarist and drummer Blaže Pavšič, such as Uroš Mohorič (guitar), Gregor Alič, also known as Hanson, and Peter Beznec (bass guitar), as well as vocalists Anton Premec, Kristina Jelić, Maja Štebih, Hana Pavšič, and Oliver Neff, alias Titanic Jack.

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