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Ladislav, also known as Ladat in the cyberspace, has literally zero formal music education.
We can count neither his participation in the music classes during the school years (as it was just lesser bad both for him and his teachers compared to joining the art class) nor his singing/shouting attempts in the shower / car.

However, despite his total amateurism, he has always been passionate about guitar.
At the age of 16, he spent his whole summer vacation sitting in the backyard trying out the chords (and his summer job income on earplugs for the whole neighborhood).

The first major turn in his musical career came when he reached 18 - he actively stopped playing for almost 22 years! He became just the regular consumer of any kind of music pleasing him… folk and country, rock and pop, jazz and classical.

It turns out that his passion for making music was just sleeping but still alive. 
It did come back thanks to his friends who bought him an acoustic & electric guitar as a birthday present and only got stronger with the discovery of the Apple Garageband application - that’s when the experimenting returned and grew to a whole new level.

Some might say it is just an answer to the mid-life crisis... but who cares.


l i s t e n

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