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Burning night


By a hot night, a so-called tropical night, I was sitting outside, trying to find a breath of fresh air. The sounds around were like softened by the heat and the stars appeared to dance slower in the sky. Even my children were deeply asleep, no way for me to drift off. It was good time to enjoy some peaceful loneliness, with the hot night as a comforting cover. I sat on the balcony, poured me a drink, listened to the distant sounds of the city and looked at the fluttering lights of the lives of others.


Quickly, I found inside me, not the peacefulness that I expected, but some melancholy. Without even realizing it, I was thinking about my beloved one, who was absent and that I was missing. I happened to remember some experiences we lived together, some streets we stridden along hand in hand, the simplest pleasures we shared… I sometimes wish to burn some of my memories, even that would not make them disappear. I felt some sadness due to the missingness and some happiness to have all those beautiful sparkles of life to think about. I would have loved to share this moment of solitude with my partner. A deep contradiction that would be called “Saudade” in the Portuguese speaking corners of the world.


The cover photo is taken by MaKo:

Burning night - cover art


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