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Chlupatý kolena


OK, first of all - Yes, sorry, it's in Czech... And yes, you have to notice the punk is NOT dead. And especially Czech punk is not dead.

This one is my bet for hit-parade VELKÁ SEDMA of


However this song Chlupatý kolena (Hairy knees) has long story. The very first draft of few chord and basic melody crossed my mind the day after the boss of the boss of my boss announced the company’s decision to value more the price of share over the value of people and therefore the company decided to turn upside down life of my 450 colleagues. Collective dismissal.

That time the song's working name was simply - Angry.


But… time flies. Few weeks later I found myself with coffee on sunny terrace in the middle of summer. Me and my Czech friend. Let’s call her my-YouTube-channel-subscriber-#007.


Me not in very good mood, her in short skirt and in similar mood. And with not well shaved legs/knees. And that, despite the view wasn’t very funny, made us laughing like hell… That moment I said myself “damn company and damn bosses”… On the end they do the same as me – trying to do their best for their bosses and trying to deserve their wage and their yearly bonuses.


And so the original idea got twisted from Angry to something inspired by that moment making me laughing.


It took me some time to find courage and try to record the singing. Until today I sang only as kind of self-defense and so far it worked veeeery well. Hope this one will not kill you...

Chlupaty kolena - cover art


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