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Close by you


Yes, the cover picture is pinky, because the lyrics of this song are very romantic. Well, what to say? Sometimes, it feels good to loosen up a bit! And if you pay close attention, it’s not all sooo sweet, we sometimes fight, some days are less easy than others, but, yeah, Iove is there and some may want it to stay just like this, for as long as possible. And me, I would like her to know I feel that way, most of the time at least!


On a more technical side, this song is touched by some kind of psychedelics or rock ballad, with an electric guitar base and an unexpected duet, which took me quite a long time to work, rework, rerework and rererework, probably the longest time so far and I hope you will consider those slightly more than 5 minutes of music deserved it!

043 Close by you (lighter) 3000x3000 300 DPI.jpg


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