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This song is about becoming a father, what it feels like, what comes along with the title and how it changes your perception of priorities...


It comes from my discoveries that you could expect that it’s blood and genetic that makes you a father, but how quickly you realize that it’s rather hearth and feelings, hopes and fears that defines you as a Dad, that it somehow leads you to unconsciously develop dreams and aspirations not only for yourself, but also for your family...

It doesn’t explicitly speak about some other facts, even they are there too, as tangible as the laughs and tears of your kids, such as how quickly being a father replaces money in your wallet by « first time passport pictures » and confuses you enough so that you start mixing names and calling your dog by the name of your kid...

And the best, or the worst, is that this doesn’t happen only the first time, but it repeats and increases when a second little human comes to life, is born, grows up and opens his or her wings. This song is dedicated to my first daughter, my second child and to my life changed for good.

Emily - cover art


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