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I pay


Money, money, money, it’s not funny… Being a father of two kids you pay, pay and pay. Especially when you live in one of the most expensive countries in the world. Each month when I consolidate the budget, each time I open an envelope with a new bill to pay, I feel that just a bit more of my hair is turning grey. It’s the same story every month…


And it gets even harder when hundreds of your colleagues are let go. And when you are one of them. That’s the moment when future gets unclear and foggy. And when, on the top of everything, your huge multinational multi-billion employer is playing with words and refuses to include one of your kids in your social benefit package. How sad.


BUT:  I have a family and a few good friends, the mountains and my music. That all helps me to keep going with a smile and a positive mindset.

I pay - cover art


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