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I wanna be in NASA


When I started to work on "I pay" I prepared the chords, lyrics, trained the song and then, the moment I was about to start recording, my son came and asked for cosmic song.

Ye, all my inspiration for "I pay" was gone. And new inspiration settled in my head.


I remember I started to think about my career aspiration in his age. I was dreaming about to be astronaut, or pilot or garbage-man... My son is in astronaut phase.


It took me one evening to make him the song. And he immediately loved it so much that each time we sit in car he was asking for "cosmic one". It was top played song in the car for few weeks. I was proud he rated it between AC/CD and their "It's a long way to the top" (he called the noisy one) and Spirituál Kvintet "Beránek a vlk (Riu riu chiu)".


Into the song I embedded the following original records:

- Discovery Go at Throttle up

- Apollo 11 Countdown

- Discovery Computers are in control

- Mercury 6 Zero-G

- Discovery Nice to be in orbit

- Apollo 11 Quindar Tests

- Apollo 11 One Small Step for Man

- Apollo 11 The eagle has Landed

- Columbia Welcome Home

- Sputnik Tones

- Cassini Saturn Radio Emissions


The cover photo was taken by my sister-in-law Monika.

I wanna be in NASA - cover art


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