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Láska je náhoda


Lively and energetic guitar rock song about how it is when the love sailed into our lives.

Is love a chance or a destiny? And how much do we choose the feelings we experiment? Some will say that romance feeds coincidences, and coincidences fuel romance, but this lively and energetic guitar based soft rock song takes the opposite view and explore the idea that love is mostly an accident - which by the way can hurt badly.

One can not choose that event, but only his or her reaction to it. With a assumed amount of irony, those Czech lyrics invite us to consider that one cannot stop the waves, only learn to swim and go along, with more or less style: breaststroke, crawl, backstroke or butterfly…

If you stop, you sink, so keep swimming!

Or, maybe, by observing the waves rise and fail and never failing to rise again, you may lift yourself above them too, take place in a craft, pull out an umbrella to protect you from the splashes of two hearts which clash and wait… Wait for the ocean to stop being in love with the moon to finally rest.


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