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Magic spell


This release is a little different from my usual line, results from an obvious folk influence and turns around quite dreamy lyrics and romantic musical arrangement. The mood of this song is about allowing yourself to imagine another life, feel another world, transform one another and, by embarking this imaginary journey, actually just to be. A 3:15 minutes glimpse to a lifetime voyage towards an untethered soul…

Realizing this song brought me a very nice surprise in the form of a pleasant new collaboration. The lyrics required a female voice and I had difficulties finding the ethereal but not immaterial one I had in mind. The challenge persisted for a couple of weeks until I got in touch with Hana Pavšič - the talented Slovenian artist who covered this song with her beautiful voice and brought the extra touch to it, giving it this enchanted atmosphere I was after for this Magic spell.

Magic Spell - cover art



I'll send the wind to spell on you
And to turn all traffic lights in blue.
I'll ask the moon to shine on your way
While you cross the ocean by sail.

I'll pray for rain to wash the dust away
From your eyes, while you drive all the day
all those miles and miles laying between us
Please come safely to my arms.

Please come soon back to my arms...

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