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Nedělní výlet


Embark on an exhilarating sonic journey as you dive into the vibrant world of this release! This electrifying composition skillfully combines fast-paced songwriting with a rock-infused sound, complemented by smooth Czech lyrics that weave a tale of a leisurely Sunday trip to the swimming pool. Feel the immersive embrace of the music as it captures the essence of carefree relaxation and pure joy.

Experience the synergy of dynamic rhythms and infectious melodies, transporting you to a place where each note mirrors the excitement of a sun-soaked adventure. This track is your ticket to a musical escapade, a celebration of life's simple pleasures. It's the perfect addition to your playlist, promising to elevate your senses and infuse your moments with the lively spirit of our Sunday swimming pool excursion. Join us in this auditory exploration, and let the harmonies become the soundtrack to your unforgettable journey.

Producer: Blaž Pavšič
Mixed and mastered by A7 Recording Studio (

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