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Pill Lady Chaser'24


Dive into the gritty sonic landscape of Ladat's release 'Pill Lady Chaser'24' set to unleash its punk rock prowess. A bold reimagination of the 2021 single 'Pill Lady Chaser' this revival captures the unapologetic essence of rebellion and raw energy.

Led by the dynamic trio of Blaž Pavšič (BB Bandit) on rhythm guitar, drums, and backing vocals, Uroš Mohorič (UX band) on solo guitars, and Gregor Alič (Hanson) on bass guitar, 'Pill Lady Chaser'24' is a testament to their collective musical prowess.

Produced by Blaž Pavšič and impeccably mixed and mastered at A7 Recording Studio, Ladat's latest single is a sonic journey that refuses to conform. The relentless pulse of the rhythm section intertwines with searing guitar solos, creating a sonic whirlwind that propels the listener into the heart of punk rock rebellion.

The lyrics, penned by Ladat, paint a vivid picture of a character caught in the chaotic spiral of addiction, offering a commentary on the darker side of human nature. The stark honesty in the words is matched by the intensity of the music, making 'Pill Lady Chaser'24' a captivating and thought-provoking musical experience.

MaKo's striking artwork perfectly encapsulates the dark spirit of 'Pill Lady Chaser'24,' inviting listeners to visually engage with the intensity of Ladat's musical vision.

Join the rebellion, embrace the chaos, and experience the unfiltered energy of Ladat's 'Pill Lady Chaser'24' – where punk rock meets unbridled expression.

Rhythm guitar, drums, and backing vocals: Blaž Pavšič aka BB Bandit
Solo guitars: Uroš Mohorič aka UX band
Bass guitar: Gregor Alič aka Hanson

Producer: Blaž Pavšič
Mixed and mastered by A7 Recording Studio (

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There is man in fire, man in smoke
He can’t get higher anymore
With smoky eyes and blurry mind
He sold his soul to the devil’s hound

For next shot, he might got
for new dose, he needs lot
running blindly running straight
drenching himself on the way

Where is scoop of snow he Sneeze his nose
with both Miss Emma and Mrs. O
with Diet Coke and Looney Toons,
Dragon Boy on Rocky Moons.

He’s kind of Georgia Home Boy guy
Molly Rolls this Schoolboy type
Special K and Super C
Candy Biscuits,TNT… ye

That's all what he needs…
‘cause he is freak…
Pervert of nature
Speed freak… all those he needs
That freak… Pill lady chaser

Don't buy drugs. Become a pop star, 
and they give you them for free!

He’s freak… pervert of nature
Speed freak… Pill lady chaser

That's all what he needs…
‘cause he's freak…
Pervert of nature
Speed freak… all those he needs
That freak… Pill lady chaser

That freak, that freak,
Pill lady chaser.

(Street or Slang Names for Drugs source:

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