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Pill lady chaser


Don’t ask me why, but since a while already I wanted to make a song about drugs or drug addiction, but I was always missing time or inspiration, if not both! And, all of a sudden, don’t ask me why again, a melody started turning in my mind and blurry ideas of lyrics came…

Actually, maybe I know why! I reflected on crazy corporation managers making crazy things (yes, I know a few, but no, I won’t name any here) and got to the conclusion that the simplest and most probable explanation for their senseless behaviors was that they were on cocaine and, separately, I saw again the iconic scene of the memorable Billy Mack giving an important message to kids about drugs. Sometimes, it doesn’t take more than that to start writing music and lyrics, but usually it takes a lot more serious efforts before you can publish something reasonably good.

In this case, I was simply missing the vocabulary: I don’t know this kind of slang, even in my mother tongue. So, I needed to do some researches and learnt few things, thanks to Google and whoever created such useful summaries, even I doubt they ever intended to have it used as song inspiration (…s_Slang_2019_05_09 and!

Moreover, the recording itself was kind of a trip, with its up and down, making me feel happy, then angry, complicate the simple and simultaneously simplifying the complex, not always for the best. At the end, I wasn't sure what's real and what's only in my head, what I could actually put down and what was still only a dream. So, before getting totally crazy myself, I decided to stop and to publish this Pill Lady Chaser in its not raw anymore, but not fully polished neither shape.

I hope you like it and that it won't drive you nut!

Pill lady chaser - cover art


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