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Po ránu


Allow me to introduce you to a very special music single that holds a deep significance in my heart. This track delves into the intimate moments that touch the very core of my being. Inspired by the beauty found in every ordinary morning, it captures the magic of a timeless routine, faithfully repeated day after day.


Regardless of the day that lies ahead, there is one moment that I hold dear. It's that precious instance when she awakens from her slumber, her half-sleepy steps leading her to the bathroom, where she gradually comes alive under the gentle embrace of the shower. This is followed by a leisurely breakfast, setting the pace for the day's responsibilities.


In this precise moment, in these comforting habits, lies the essence of my inspiration. And now, with great excitement, I present to you a soft rock track with heartfelt Czech lyrics, accompanied by the captivating and catchy backing vocals of Maja Štebih.


Join me on this musical journey as we celebrate the beauty of everyday rituals and the emotions they evoke. Let the melodies carry you away, and may this single resonate with your own experiences and memories.

Po ranu - cover art



Vstáváš z postele
rozválený nocí
Vlasy tvý po ránu
zacuchaný do krásy

Odcházíš z pokoje pokradmu
boky, křivky, vůně, celá ty
V koupelně ve sprše po ránu
Probouzíš se do krásy všedního  dne

Snídáš v kuchyni u stolu
Rádio hlásí kam se pohnul svět
Vlasy svý chycený v drdolu
Odcházíš a říkáš, večer jsem zpět.

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