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Prickly love


Ladat and his project In the Box is one big experiment. I keep experimenting with instruments, styles, sounds, tempos etc. "Prickly love" is shining example of all of it.

First of all - it is since quite long time I wanted to make song based mainly on beats, drums (thanks Gavin from GarageBand), bass, percussion and voice. Prickly love finally brought the right occasion to try it.

Secondary - it's the first song I made with new hardware. This track is recorded with help of 3rd generation Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and with new mic AT2035 (finally also with pop filter).


Hope you will enjoy the results of this experimentation the same way as I do.

And before you ask - my sexual life is very satisfiable, definitely not prickly.

The artwork cover of this song is from MaKo.

Prickly love - cover art


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