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Quand je voyage


Why do we travel? Why to leave our comfort, family, friends, habits and context? For the sake of leaving our comfort, family, friends, habits and context! To change, to shake the dust, to try new things, to put ourselves in relative danger, to be surprised, to learn, experiment, discover. How many expectations to we carry along in our backpack? The hope to fall in love with another culture, to meet inspiring people, to learn new language and codes, to live unique experiences…

Quand je voyage, c’est un mélange d’espoir, océan, sourires, pluie, mouvement, Suisse, corps, musique, merveille, différence, liberté, vivre, transporter, respirer, retour, train, souvenirs, oubli…

When I travel, it doesn’t matter how it turns, if my hopes are fulfilled, if my expectations are met… I always come back full of memories, some strong, some sweet, some I keep thinking about, some which pop up unexpectedly. And it always feel good to come back home after an intense period of travel, to get back to my comfort, family, friends, habits and context. It feels safe, warm, easy, quiet.

Cover photo by MaKo:

Quand je voyage - cover art


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