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Sixteen tons of blue


Sometimes, she feels lonely. She may not feel that nobody cares. She knows I do. But she feels that nobody understands, not even me. That she has to make it on her own. That nobody can help her. That it's too much really.


This song is to tell her that I am here, here for her. To tell her that I can maybe not understand, but I can try. That she can speak about her anxiety. And if I don’t manage to understand, I will still always support her, in any case and against everyone. She should not be afraid. I will not leave her alone, and certainly not when she feels deep in blue. I will always make her smile again. This also reminds me that I am never alone myself. That, like memories, difficulties should be shared. That my beloved one will not leave me alone, and certainly not when I need her by my sides. And that she will also make me smile.


The artwork cover of this song is from MaKo, based on an original drawing from her too.

Sixteen tons of blue - cover art



When you are down
Don't worry, I am around
I will wipe your tears
your smile beats all my fears

When 16 tons
of blue pull you down
don't worry, I am beside
I came for you from far and wide

When you have too much
and you feel like drowning down
when sky falls on you
your soul is feeling deeply blue

Then I am around
I’ll be there for you all the time
I came from far and wide
Just for you 
to make you smile.

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