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Tak líně...


“So lazily…” aka “Tak líně…” is my only second song in Czech. Well, Czech is my mother tongue and I can’t explain why I use it so little for singing.

I record this one during early autumn while enjoying one of last warm evening on balcony.


It is about the time and how lazy it flows. About how time is not waiting... About how you can’t fool it. Sometimes the time seems eternal that one would believe that what is here today will be here tomorrow. But oh, the train goes, doesn't wait and suddenly it's gone. And you look in disbelief and try to catch up with what is no longer here.


Time passes, seasons follows each other regularly, the sun always shines after the clouds. We let things happening, because we cannot control them, because we know we can at best control our reactions to events, but nothing more. We let it go, because it’s easier, we go with the flow, because it’s too hard to go against the stream. We do so by wisdom or laziness? This may depend who you ask and when you ask…


This song is inspired by those key moments where we find ourselves being the spectators of our lives and that we suddenly fear not to be able to act again when needed, where we calmly wait that discomfort passes and realize that we actually don’t wish the situation to change anymore, where we enjoy remaining quiet and passive until better times come, where we see the train passing and find ourselves unable to get on board…

Tak line - cover art


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