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To se mi nezdá


You would certainly agree that some of the best moments in everyone’s life are those which were not planned? They have extra taste, something sweeter than the others.


This song has a little something from this. It’s a flashback as it’s based on an “old” song from early 2019: “It Rolls”, an instrumental rock track without any words. It made its own path on the wide internet, softly, quietly, until a gentleman commented it with enthusiasm. This gave it a new impulse, some kind of acceleration. We started to discuss and exchange ideas, drafts of lyrics, few tones of melody, an attempt of singing. From attention and discussion to cooperation and collaboration, without even really thinking about it… How nice?


Once the project got clarified, it still took me quite some time to record vocals. Lot of trying and deleting, retrying and redeleting, bit of frustration and impatience! It even reached a point when I started to doubt, if this was really a good idea. Sometimes, when it doesn’t work, it’s for a good reason! But sometimes, a small extra inch of inspiration helps to unwind things. In this case, it was “Pražský výběr” and the inimitable style of Vilém Čok which crossed my mind. One evening later, the final recording was done. Only mastering was needed more before presenting it to the co-author of this song and waiting for his feedback, which was positive and finally publishing it for you…


I hope you will like the result of this partnership, in the form of an alternative rock underlined by an expressive solo guitar and a funny regressive text! But, before you listen to it, understand me well: I don't and I can't compare my skills with those legends and I mention them only as a tribute to their great source of inspiration. Speaking about encouragement, let’s not forget about the words of Helen Keller, who certainly knew what she was speaking about when she said: “Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much”!

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