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Watching the stars


Nature is, in so many ways, a genius artist. From my point of view, the sky is one of its most amazing masterpiece! It becomes painting, literature and music all together and touches each of us in a different, always powerful, way.


Turning the head up at the sky, by a clear night, being astonished by the beauty of the stars and feeling giddy by their quantity. Looking heavenward, at night, if possible from a peaceful, quiet and dark place, is a pleasure I think I will never get tired of. From balcony before heading bed or getting out of a tent early morning before climbing a summit, there is always something magic about this celestial roof. Watching the stars... It’s fascinating, it’s our roots and our future, it’s infinity and more you think about it, more huge, inspiring and terrifying this becomes. It’s simple, obvious, there since ever and simultaneously so vast, complex and in permanent transformation


My version of a night sky full of stars is mixing a traditional mandolin with an electronic background, the cover picture is from MaKo and my thoughts are put in words by Alihossi.

Cover photo by MaKo:

Watching the Stars - cover art


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