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Willy Pitz'23


Wily Pitz'23 is the retake of purist punky style single Willy Pitz from May 2020.
It makes its powerful comeback in September 2023.

In collaboration with the incredible talents of Slovenian Blaž Pavšič, Uroš Mohorič, and Gregor Alič we gave to Willy Pitz the completely new sound which makes one totally blew away and make your chin hits the floor.

The story remains the same - single living Swiss who is just trying to survive his live and one day he vanish without being noticed by anyone - but it is packed in new portion of energy where the punky essence of the original meets a whole new level of rock awesomeness.

Lead vocal: Ladislav Tesar a.k.a. Ladat
Backing vocals: Blaž Pavšič a.k.a. BB Bandit
Rhythm Guitars: Blaž Pavšič a.k.a BB Bandit, Ladislav Tesar a.k.a. Ladat
Solo guitars: Uroš Mohorič a.k.a. UX band
Bass guitar: Gregor Alič a.k.a. Hanson
Producer: Blaž Pavšič
Mixed and mastered by A7 Recording Studio, May 2023 (

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