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Willy Pitz


The rock punk story of Swiss guy Willy Pitz.

We often hear that we sometimes put mental barriers that limit ourselves and prevent us to succeed. Even it’s most of time an unconscious process, I am quite sure this is right and indeed frequent. Thinking about it made me realize that, for some unfortunate people, in a difficult context, it may go even further. Some may not even give themselves the permission to live the life they want, for multiple reasons or, worse, without any reason. It’s probably something not so far from a depression.


Yeah, that sounds a little discouraging reflection, I admit. But it was actually kind of good fun to imagine what it is to be in the mind of someone deep in this self-sabotage enterprise, create this punk-like story about the guy and make it a song! It was entertaining to do and, by a twist of fate, it now actually lifts my mood every time I listen to it!


It goes without saying that the name of my anti-hero is invented, chose for its rhythm and sound, that was just fitting my mood and creative moment.


The artwork cover is based on the original illustration by MaKo.

Willy Pitz - cover art


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