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Your life


Your life is what you are, or are you what your life is?

If I knew the answer to this question, I wouldn't go to the office every morning but giving the philosophy lessons on one of the great university and enjoying my doctorate. For sure - the life is full of choices. It’s not always easy to make it…. What else to say.


I’ve to say big thanks to Alihossi for giving the great help with lyrics.


It took me lot of time and energy to make this track. It was long process. I wasn’t able to record the singing and I was getting desperate. Really desperate. And at the moment the lyrics were recorded the song was too long. So I had to start cutting it. And result was even longer… At this stage I started to call it “BREXIT-song” as working nickname. It was long, no one sees the end and each step made the next even longer. At the end I let it behind for few days… And when I came back all the “polishing” was done in one shot.


Uffff, so it’s the story of Your life

Your life - cover art


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