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Zen your mind


The lockdown period was long, stressful in many ways and for some of us it brought a lot of logistic and domestic problems. Some of us dealt with it well, when for others it was more difficult. Where there are challenges, there are opportunities… But it’s not always so easy to turn one into the other! One of my heroes said “always look at the bright side of life”!


For me, the music has been a great help to stay reasonably calm. Playing, pulling notes together on guitar string, listening to my attempts, trying it differently, hearing what I like or not, identifying 7 tones I consider like fitting together well, transforming it into melody, on piano, adding some strings and rhythm behind, following endless round of tests and trials, listening to the intermediate results, all around and again and again, until I got the outcome I liked. Well, quite a usual process, right?Ye, sure, but it helps to keep my mind calm, peaceful... Zen and this is just why it's called “Zen your mind”.


When the track was done, I started a different step of the process: seeking for the right cover picture for my new song! And what helped me to Zen my mind? The exquisite moment when I saw this sketch of my colleague Kusuma from Bengaluru. I liked it at first glance and I was very happy she kindly agreed to let me use this beautiful drawing.


Each small creation has its own story. This is the one of this track. I hope you will enjoy it! In any case, it’s now up to you to Zen your mind, if you like it and the way you like it!

Zen your mind - cover art


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