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This song may appear simple, if not simplistic. This is right, it’s not a complicated, rather a common, story about opening the door to someone and having to let this someone leaves you one day through the very same door.


However, in life like in love, don’t let the ordinary fool you. The little things in life are the biggest ones and when you have to look back to realize it, you’re actually lost to those magical instants. Zut doesn’t stand for « Zebra University of Technology », but for « damn! » or « oh, heck! » in French. Yes, in French! Writing in the language of Molière was an arduous choice. It took me a year or so to go from the original « kinda » French lyrics to the final ones, which were done in a bar, on a paper napkin, along a few drinks!

The melody and chords were the most intuitive to find, playing around for a few evenings. However, honestly, my accent didn’t suit the rhythms and atmosphere. Finding singers willing to contribute proved not to be an easier task! Finally, Oliver Neff aka Titanic Jack agreed to record the main vocals. Together with Maja Štebih with her nice back vocals, they made such a great work on this Indie folkish-poppish-rock track.

Thanks to both of them for their time, trust and capacity to see, and bring, beauty into the world!

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Small Running Title

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