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Begging you

How to save the world? When it comes to this big question, there are three categories of people: those who think that one kiss can do the job, those who believe that rock’n’roll only can do it and those who think that it takes a touch of both!

Think about your first kiss, this landmark event in your life, this very first expression of affection and sexuality together, driven by desire or curiosity, this first time you felt simultaneously so adventurous and vulnerable, so popular and different, so alive! When reflecting about it, don’t you agree that this so common and so important gesture can change your world, and, why not, save the world?

Now, think about rock’n’roll, some beats and rhythms that you will never forget, some songs and lyrics which are so tightly linked to very intimate and important events of your life. Don’t you think that it would be no life without music, that some period of your life would have not been the same without that precise rocky song or, said differently, that good music can change, or even save the world?

I am part of the third type: I am certain of both, together. A desired kiss on a rock song can save the world, or at least my world! So, I am begging you, kiss me, kiss me now and save the world!

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