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Unveiling "Voix de Cabanes" Teaser: A Prelude to Alpine Tales 🏔️🎙️

Voix de Cabanes
Voix de Cabanes

A symphony of mountain stories awaits as we get a sneak peek into the enchanting world of "Voix de Cabanes." Crafted by Jessica Pallie, Vice-Présidente of CAS Montreux, this podcast is a celebration of the past and future 100 years of the Cabane de Moiry.

The Prelude to Alpine Adventures

In this teaser, we catch a glimpse of the extraordinary journey that lies ahead. The Cabane de Moiry, with its rich history, takes center stage, promising a tapestry of tales that have shaped alpine adventures for a century.

Embark on a Journey through Sound

As you immerse yourself in the teaser, let the melodic notes and narrative guide you through the universe of mountain cabins. Each echo and snippet offers a tantalizing taste of the adventure and inspiration that await in the full episode.

"India Summer" Sets the Tone

I'm thrilled to share that my single, "Indian Summer" graces the teaser, adding a touch of magic to the preview. The music intertwines seamlessly with the unfolding story, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the essence of mountain life.

For Francophones and Teaser Enthusiasts

For my French-speaking friends, "Voix de Cabanes" is a must-listen! But even if you don't speak the language, the universal language of mountains and shared experiences transcends borders. Stay tuned for tales of grit, breathtaking landscapes, and the quiet charm of life nestled amidst the peaks.

Stay Tuned for the Full Symphony

While the teaser leaves us wanting more, the anticipation builds for the full episode featuring the Cabane de Moiry. Follow "Voix de Cabanes" on Spotify and be the first to experience the complete symphony of mountain magic.

Join the Teaser Conversation

Have you listened to the teaser? Share your thoughts and excitement as we collectively anticipate the full release. Follow the podcast for updates and be part of the conversation.

Let the mountain echoes guide you into the heart of "Voix de Cabanes"! 🏞️✨

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