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My Chinese lunch

I am not a big fan of labelling people and things in general. Music neither by the way. In that respect, my main distinguishing is « I like it » or « I don’t like it » and as Emerson said « A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds », so yeap, even those two simple categories can change after few listening!

For those of you who think it’s a too easy escape, I will try. This song is inspired by other world, folk and jazz authors. If I have to, I would describe it as my personal contribution to the world music with far Asian themes and jazzy kind of transitions, which creates folkish feelings. All those based on percussion, contrabass, acoustic guitar and naturally pipa.

But recognise it: it’s bit like speaking about the menu you had last night at this new restaurant. There are so many ways to describe a culinary experience: using technical words, describing the colors, the consistencies, explaining the tastes, savours, flavours, feelings... But you always end up summarising by « I loved it! » or « Once is enough, thanks! ».

So, for you today, « My Chinese lunch », just listen to it and let me know if you like it or how you would describe it! Hope you will come back!

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