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No return point

We know it, but are not so often fully conscious of it. Every choice, from the most trivial to the most crucial, is changing our lives. It makes it longer or shorter, happier or more complicated. We are permanently shifting paths. No choice can be cancelled and really done again. Most of the times, we can change our mind though, but it will never be in the same exact context, making none of our choices harmless. And sometimes, there is no way back, a choice changes it all and you can never pretend it didn’t happen.

Sometimes, it’s like falling in love, suddenly, madly, at the first sight. You look at her, just a second too much, this instant that makes her look at you too, your eyes meet, from far, from two different realities, but it briefly creates a new world. You should know that if you enter it, it will be a one way trip. No time, you have already jumped. Like a rocket, you leave ground and go straight to the sky. It’s high, it’s too high. It’s exciting, it’s scary. Is it good, bad, you will see. Abruptly, a full set of emotions is triggered and it’s all out of control. You may think a second to drop it all, leave it at the next station, go back. But there is no chance, it’s too fast, too high and there is no mid-way. The only thing you can do is to fasten your seat belt and enjoy the trip!


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