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PhD in Earth Science

There are things in life which remain completely out of reach. They are like inaccessible dreams which, when you stop and think about them, make you fall in the deep abyss of reflection. What it takes to be able to do that, how does one who master it sees the world, how different one understanding it is? For some, it’s to speak another language with the maestro of a native, for others it’s to go on the Moon or to know by heart the 10’000 first decimals of Pi.

For me, this is to have a “PhD in Earth Science”! This song, in brutal style of 80s electro, is inspired by my daughter’s godfather and my partner’s brother. Everywhere he goes, he licks stones, which makes you doubt about his insanity. When climbing, he gives you tip to step not on a crimp but on a tiny crack of schist, which is obviously too unintelligible to be helpful. He is calling himself a geologist, but he speaks mainly about carrots, which makes everyone doubt about his real profession. Really, him and his associates from UNIGE, makes me feel we don’t really belong to the same world. The only moment one can really have a connection with his class is when sharing a good drink together.. But, be careful, those “gardeners” who obviously see things differently are able to make an island dry!

And, when I think about it, you know what makes me dizzy and not far from freaking out? This song of “Uncle Aymeric LeCo” is my 5 years old son favorite one!

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