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Railway Trail 1:11

This is the video for all train lovers...

My brother, Jan Tesar,made this footage from back door's window of the last wagon in the train between Prague and Ústí nad Labem.

To make this 106km EC 170 Berliner usually takes 1h and 11 minutes. But this video makes the same only in 4 mins and 50 seconds. And you don't need to buy any ticket ;-)

The music used in the video is extended version of Windy Corner called "Windy Corner (Berliner cover)".

The reason for special cover is simple - the original track has 2m42, but video needs 4m50. So it took me some effort to add few bars on the top.

Hope you like it, hope you watch this interesting video and hope it inspires you to make you next trip in the last wagon of train...

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