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The alternative story of my friend

There are quite some sociopaths around us and studies show that in certain types of jobs there is a clear tendency to see this number increasing… Which job categories then? One of them is any job in a multinational headquarters, because there you find a special people, special set, with special codes, special experiences, special lives, special, special, special in all kinds of meaning!

This special everything leads to kind of crazy Dieselgate affairs or twisted urban legends about secrete laboratories hidden under the feet of prestigious head offices! Among those – funny or sad, you name it – sides of an international company microcosm, you find some really strange stories, that you thought would be too improbable for a fiction, but it actually is reality… Take my friend, dynamic and self-confident lady in her early forties, accused by one of her team member, another lady, only 1 or 2 years before legal retirement, of sexual harassment! It could be true and that would be dramatic naturally. However, in this case, it comes from a compulsive liar, a pathological mythomaniac, a typical sociopath!

Yes, when my friend, fully stressed by these unfair charges, told me about it, I realized that we could summarize this case by her being a gerontophile lesbian. It turned the whole conversation around this improbable topic, with good laughs about that image. And that image inspired this song about my friend who claims that she is a gerontophile lesbian!

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