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A melodic Pop Fusion, not so abrasive indie pop song about the enigmatic ravens.

This birds has an important symbolism in many culture, due to his very distinctive look. I found it interesting, as it’s often associated with negative connotations because of its plumage that shines so black, suggesting it was born from the night and the darkness, but it has also been granted great power and is a symbol of mystery and memory. Ravens are also known to be one of the world smartest birds, often compared to dolphins and chimpanzees, able to solve problems, remember how people treated them and plan for future events. And we know it, the cleverest are also often the most miserable ones, being less likely to be satisfied and especially prone to depression...

This song is dedicated to them, people and raven, the desperate ones, the sad souls, those who haven’t laugh for too long... and to all of us who could develop into one of them, by becoming too arrogant, too goal orientated and simply too complicated before simply slippering into night, darkness and death. Enjoy! And promise me to smile after that, clear your mind, and give a chance to your desires and hopes for a while.

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