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Welcome back home

“Before” she was travelling a lot, around Europe, if not the world, for her job. Almost every week, she would be away for a day or two. I would miss her certainly, feel bit lonely, sleep without her cold feet against my legs and mostly look forward to the moment she will be back home and I will welcome, hug and kiss her. Yeah, this is sweet, because she is so damm sweet! But, you know me, I can be sweet… and sour! Every coin has two sides, just like most people have two faces… When she was regularly away travelling, I had more time for myself, to do stuff I prefer to do on my own, such as music, for example. I like it when she is around, don’t take me wrong, but you know I must admit I am also bit missing those evenings alone with my guitar, experimenting, recording and working on my songs’ production.

And, as someone wise said “all revelations come at least by two”, I must make another small confession: this track was inspired by her and hers “welcome back home”, but not only! The second spur is the Czech band Hm... and their "Přijdeš domů" and more particularly the opening part of their track, which gave me the initial hint on the way to tune "Welcome back home".

Life is beautiful, life is complex, life is multiple! Just like love, and music!

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